grass on grass on grass

i can't believe it's already sunday! this weekend really flew by. because of the holiday, i had a four day weekend and it was just what i needed. good friends, fun adventures, yummy food, and lots of sunshine. me and anthony loved having ian and maddie here visiting. in case you missed it, i posted a fourth of july post a couple days ago. it was a great holiday weekend, not to mention we had perfect weather every single day!

so we dropped our pals off at the bus stop this morning, did some grocery shopping, and then came home and i took a nap. ha! lazy sundays are the best. but the heat and sunshine carried over into today (yay!) but tomorrow it looks like it's back to summer showers. 

this little black dress is something i scored at a shop called cotton on in my hometown mall. when i visited, there were having some sort of blow out sale and i was able to score this LBD for $10. it's so simple and i can dress it up or down however i want. i decided to keep with the all black trend (because i absolutely loveeee wearing all black) and pair it with this cute/badass little motorcycle vest that i thrifted in high school. 

i have this habit of never throwing away clothes. i can't tell you how many things in my closet are from 5+ years ago. i just hate parting with clothes, especially staple pieces like this vest. you never know, you might wake up one day and think, man, i really wish i had that shirt that i wore that one day in 10th grade (okay so i might be the only one that thinks that. haha! oh well. it's just a little quirk about me).

i went with colorful turquoise accents to spice it up. turquoise is my favorite color and i almost passed out when i saw these sandals at a thrift store. my color, my size-- they were just calling my name. and the one good thing about wearing my hair up in a top knot, is getting to wear big, awesome earrings and actually being able to see them! these are so bright and colorful.

are you someone that likes giving your closet a purge every so often? or are you like me and do you keep everything?

thanks for reading!


outfit details
dress: cotton on
vest: thrifted
sandals: thrifted
earrings: forever 21


  1. you look beautiful dear!


  2. Lovely photos!! I like your sandals!

  3. i love the pop of color on your sandals and earrings against your neutral outfit! you look gorgeous xo


  4. nice vest!


  5. $10 is such a bargain for that dress! :)