boardwalk empire

so we've only been in emerald isle, nc for two full days and i'm already in love. its a little island only 26 miles long but has so much to offer. there's consignment shops, sea food restaurants, and they sell beer in grocery stores (yay for awesome liquor laws lol). we are a two minute walk to the ocean from our house, and have been spending our days swimming, tanning, reading, and napping. talk about the good life. 

it's so great spending time with my family and just relaxing. i have so much fun with my siblings and it's awesome having all of us in one place. i can't even remember the last time i was on vacation with my whole family! it's such a good change of pace from work and school and the real world. i wake up and can hear the waves from my window and feel so blessed.

i've been keeping my style during this trip super simple and easy. it's hot and most of the day is spend in a bathing suit. lots of sundresses and flowy skirts for me! we've had absolutely great weather so far and the water is perfect. so warm and the waves are huge! it's so different than the beach at rehoboth, de (where i usually go). i feel like a fish because i love the water so much!

this is the little boardwalk that connects the road to the beach. everything is so beautiful here. the houses are colorful and the view of the ocean is mesmerizing. i'm so pumped to be here for two whole weeks! it's insane. summer vacations are the best things about summer and the beach is my favorite place on earth. i couldn't be happier to be here.

i got this skirt from forever 21 a few years back and i just can't get enough of the pattern. i love the flowers and it seemed like the perfect summer outfit paired with a simple white tank. i'm so excited for the rest of our trip. tomorrow's my mom's birthday, anthony comes this weekend, we are going to kayak, bike ride, and of course, swim and tan more! life is good, folks.

what are you guys up to this week? i'd love to hear! stay tuned for more posts. thanks for checking in.


outfit details
skirt: forever 21
tank: thrifted
sandals: thrifted


  1. I like your poppy skirt! And that beach looks so cozy and calm... beautiful!


    Ana Paula

  2. Your look so beachy, I love your sandals and skirt!

    Xoxo Akinyi

  3. Great pictures of you. What a cute look.



  4. Ahh, I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to go to a beach for like a month now and haven't gotten the chance to yet!
    Cute outfit, that skirt is so pretty!