ellwood city adventure

friday night anthony and i drove up to pittsburgh for the weekend to see his sister compete in her horse competition as well as celebrate our good friend riley's 21st birthday! it was a quick little roadtrip friday afternoon and we were able to see his family, which is always nice. yesterday was such a great day. the weather was beautiful so we went on a little adventure through the trails in his hometown of ellwood city. we walked through the woods and by the water, and of course i coordinated my outfit to my surroundings!

we started are day off a little mexican food place in town, and it was, of course, delish. then we headed over the park to walk on the nature trail. i wore this cute little green floral print dress i thrifted last week. it's light and comfy and perfect for exploring the woods (shorts are overrated).  the trail was so pretty and everything was so luscious and alive. i've been on the trail a few times before, but never in the summer when the creek was so high and all the flowers were in bloom.

i felt so great in this outfit. you can honestly never go wrong with a dress paired with a vest. anthony always makes fun of me for wearing vests with everything, but they are just so cool! and i have like a million of them so i always like experimenting with new ways to wear them. it's an easy way to add more oomph to such a simple piece, like a dress. sometimes i get bored if i'm just wearing one article of clothing. i like accessories and mixing and matching.

it was such a fun filled, adventurous day and it was so nice spending the entire day outside in the sun. and even though we didn't plan it, i was secretly happy that anthony wore a green shirt and we both matched each other and the great outdoors! yay! (yes, i know i'm lame haha).

and after we were done on the trails, how could we not go to the best ice cream place in town. it's so yummy and they make everything right there. ellwood city is so cool because they are all about hometown hospitality and local businesses. it's so different from where i grew up where the town is exploding with chain restaurants and shopping centers. it's always a fun time trying all of anthony's fave places from when he was a kid that are truly one of a kind.

this weekend is going by so fast! but i'm so happy we got to visit with family and also see a lot of our good friends from pittsburgh last night. 21st birthdays are the bomb so it was a no brainer that a weekend trip was necessary to celebrate. you only turn 21 once and i'm so glad we could celebrate it with riley. happy birthday, dude! now today we are spending a little time around pittsburgh and then traveling back to baltimore in the afternoon and getting ready for the week.

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outfit details
dress: thrifted
vest: thrifted
shoes: payless
purse: forever 21


  1. Loving that floral dress on you! And I'm drooling over that ice cream. It looks like you had a great time!

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  2. Cool photos!! I love that dress!


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  3. Lovely little town! Gorgeous pictures.


  4. cool photos ;) I see that you have spent a great time ;)

    + wanna follow each other?


  5. Loving that little cropped vest! Too cute!
    - applewood road