totally thrifted

i mentioned in a previous post that i'm going to start a weekly feature called totally thrifted.  this is where i will post my latest and greatest thrift stores finds. i will style an outfit completely and entirely with items i've managed to collect at thrift stores. i'm really excited for this series of posts because thrifting is such a huge passion of mine.  

my first outfit post in this series showcases this amazingggg daisy romper. i found it at ann's thrift shope, located just outside of ellwood city, pa (where anthony is from). lets just say it was love at first sight. daisy's are my favorite flower, plus it has turquoise?! i mean come on, what more could a girl want. 


i wore it out to brunch this weekend. me and anthony were feeling lazy so we woke up super late and headed right out the door to grab some food. we live in a little studio apartment right outside the cutest little town, arbutus (yes, weird name). paul's diner was where we started off our morning.. er.. afternoon. the coffee was like omg amazing and we each had an omelet and some toast. yum.

the sun was shining and i was wearing super white keds and the world was beautiful. rompers are one of the best inventions of all time. you feel pretty like your wearing a dress, but psyche it's shorts. BAM. what a great a feeling. and this purse (that i got for $4) is super cute and pretty much matches everything. it's been attached to my hip (literally) since i found it at our local thrift store a couple weeks ago.


i want to show first hand that amazing outfits can be created using secondhand goods. and just in case you like the outfit SO MUCH OMG i'm also going to feature a style board that showcases how a similar outfit can be made at a retail store (still for a decent price). this week's look can easily be recreated at target. 


i would love to hear about your favorite outfits that are totally thrifted. comment below and share! 

thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Nikki! I love your outfit! Looks so comfortable and with the humidity of Baltimore comfort is King! Your romper reminds me of a favorite cotton dress of mine that is a staple during the hot months.I like this new series! Looks great doll! :)


  2. Such a cute outfit! And I love when outfits are totally thrifted!