back in the burgh

guys! i'm back in pittsburgh! and it's awesome. this week is my first week of classes, and it's actually gone really good so far! it's such a good feeling being back in the city again. i'm living in an apartment downtown with some awesome girls, i love my job, and there's so much to do! living downtown means having an unlimited supply of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops within walking distance.

as per usual, the weather in pittsburgh has been less than exceptional since my arrival. it's already rained like 5 times and it's been hot and humid. but i'm just trying suck it up and deal with it because before i know it, it will be winter and i'll be wearing so many layers i won't know what to do with myself! ha. but despite everything, i feel super sentimental about this being my last semester in college. i'm trying to do everything i can before december. i even signed up for a flag football league with my roommate! you know i'm feeling crazy when i willingly play sports lol.

if my house was on fire and i could grab one thing out of my closet, i would have to say that i would grab this black denim vest. i just love it and it's one of the most used pieces in my closet. i loved pairing it with these high waisted shorts. and bonus points: they were both thrifted! woot woot. i love thrifting denim items because they already have a worn feel to them.

this ying yang shirt is the bomb dot com. i got it on super sale at urban outfitters a few years ago. i love when urban puts their sale items on 50% off! they usually do it a couple times a year and i never miss it. you can buy tons of cute things and not break the bank. i'm all about having lots of clothes that don't cost as much instead of a smaller amount of more expensive items.

i wanted to make an outfit with more of an urban, city-like feel since i'm back in pittsburgh again and i really liked how it turned out. plus, the shirt totally reminded me of the cool mural i showed above. pittsburgh has the best street art ever. i'm totally crazy about the one i showed in this post, and it's actually right on my school's campus. i'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of cool stuff like that on here so get ready! when i took a photography class last semester i actually did my final project about street art in the city and it was so much fun. i'll take any excuse to venture around downtown with a camera!

what city's your favorite? i'd love to hear. thanks for stopping by, folks!


outfit details
shorts: thrifted
vest: thrifted
sandals: payless


  1. You look awesome, I'm loving the fit of the shorts on you!

  2. What a cool outfit! It is fun living downtown; I don't live downtown but I go through downtown Houston to go to school and I totally love what I see! :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  3. The place is beautiful & so is your outfit & I really can't believe that you're shorts are thrifted .
    If you want we can follow each other via GFC & Bloglovin . Lemme know.


  4. Love your tee <3


  5. What a beautiful look! I really love your t-shirt and shorts :) xo

  6. Me encanta este look!!

  7. You look so amazing! I love those shorts!

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  8. Fun outfit! I was in Pittsburgh once a few years ago, it was the middle of winter and the weekend and it was completely dead! I wandered around for an hour looking for somewhere to get coffee. Besides that it seemed really cute. My husband works out there a few times a year and I'm always a little tempted to go too.

    My favorite city is Boston though! I adore it. So cute:)

  9. nice vest!!!


  10. These shorts are super cute on you! I've always wanted to visit Pittsburg, it sounds so wonderful!

    Xo, Hannah


  11. great post!!!!! :) want to follow eachother? let me know :) tanks so much :)
    <3 chloe-anna

  12. Great look :)


  13. You look so positive and the outfit is great! The shorts look great on you!

  14. Rock that ying yang shirt, girl! It's super cute on you, and so much fun. Seeing you post about Pittsburg made me realize that, even though I grew up outside of Philly, I've never be to that part of Pennsylvania! Clearly next time I'm on the east coast I need to visit... It looks awesome!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog... you should totally enter! http://bit.ly/14heCer

  15. Nice shoes :)


  16. great outfit!
    so casual but stylish^^

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  18. I love your sandals! I would also like to visit Pittsburgh one day.

  19. I love how you thrift so much, im the exact same but we just call it charity shopping in england haha, lovely style xo


  20. Love this outfit, perfect denim shorts! I love it when UO has 50% off sales! And good luck in flag football :D!

  21. Love your sandals! You have a really nice blog x


  22. What a super cool outfit dear. It has that 70's hippy touch to it. Great look. Following you now via Bloglovin :-)



  23. Nice look, I really like that :)

    Xxx c├ęcile