we are family

last weekend i was able to go home and spend the entire weekend with my family. since there's so many of us (6 siblings) and were all doing our own thing (college, work, etc.) it's hard to have times where everyone is all together. my mom and aunt decided to throw my grandma a surprise birthday party and everyone was able to make it home for the weekend! i couldn't have asked for anything better. even some family i haven't seen in a while were able to make it! 

the older i get, the more i cherish time spent with my family. being away at school in pittsburgh, over 5 hours away, really makes me appreciate the times when i'm able to just come home and relax and hang out with my mom and my aunt and my sisters. i have such a great relationship with all of them and i'm so lucky for that.

and the party turned out great! all my grandma's friends came into town and my stepdad made so much delicious food. plus, my sister madison (a pastry chef) whipped up a yummy cake and i got to see my precious little niece savannah. she is getting so big it's crazy! she's 6 months old and cuter than ever. it was the perfect day. so much laughing and just plain ol enjoying each other's company.

okay. can we talk about these boots and how amazing and wonderful and perfect they are. i got an email from charlotte russe one day and it said they were having a happy hour sale and all boots, i repeat all boots, were $20. i instantly got on their website and found these bad boys, originally $53 (!!!) and bought them. best. purchase. ever. i got so many compliments at the party! they were a hit. i also realized that 90% of all the shoes i own have studs on them. ha! oh well. #sorrynotsorry

me and my sisters all got dressed separately, and then when we walked in to the same room we realized we were all wearing maroon! my boots, jessica's dress, and samantha's skirt all matched. it was so cute. plus we all went with black/white neutral accents. great minds think alike, i suppose! ;)

how good do my sisters look?!?! samantha (on the left) just got her braces off and she looks more beautiful than ever. i love how we each have our own individual style, but have a lot in common too. samantha's skirt and jessica's dress are both from forever 21. i swear between the three of us, we could single-handedly keep that store in business. we love it.  

the boys, of course, wanted to get in on the photoshoot action and were poking fun of the idea of "outfit photos." notice my sister's boyfriend jhullian popping his foot and my brother park with his hands on his hips. this was how they wanted to look like "fashion bloggers." haha! my brother adam even asked if i would take a picture of just his shoes. it was hilarious. we just stood out in my aunt's backyard taking a million photos and goofing around. i love having so many siblings and hanging out with everyone and their boyfriends and girlfriends. there's never a dull moment, that's for sure!

how often do you get to see your family? isn't it just the best?! :)


outfit details
dress: cotton on
boots: charlotte russe 
necklace: charlotte russe 
rings: charlotte russe 


  1. Love your outfit it's so pretty (: x


  2. so cute, love the color coordination! I have two sisters and we are the best of friends. Now I am in between two states so don't see them as much as I would like.



  3. That is so cool you and your siblings unknowingly coordinated! That is called sibling magic haha! I love family parties, they are truly the best. I'm lucky and get to live with my family but I sure do miss all my relatives back in Texas! Those boots are killer.Great buy!

    Simply Akshara

  4. Really cute pictures. Super adorable!

  5. Seems like you have a great family! 6 siblings! There's six of us too! I see my twin sister the most and we try to go places and blog our adventures! xx

    - Trina

  6. Great pictures, absolutely stunning!
    Monica Harmony's Blog

  7. i love the colors you ladies are wearing! so cute!

    lindsey louise


  8. Such cute and coordinating style photos! www.northernstyleexposure.com

  9. awww so cute


  10. These photos are so sweet -you all look great!! xx

  11. Such adorable pics! Family time is always great. Enjoy your weekend!

    The Marcy Stop

  12. Cute photos and great dressed family!


  13. beautiful outfits! love the boots!


  14. amazing post :)


  15. Lovely photos!

    xx Mounia

  16. Love the outfits, 'specially the studded boots!! x

  17. I love the boots so much!

    Rose xo


  18. I cannot believe that bargain, only 50$?? The look sooo coool, and well...studs, you know, not need to apologize! Just discover your blog and I'm enjoying it a lot, you're so funny (in a good way, obviously :P) Would you like to follow each other with bloglovin? let me know what you think!

    Rock and bows

  19. Well I hope you had fun!! It certainly looks like you did :)

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  20. Hi I love your blog! It's absolutely stunning. I just followed you on Bloglovin (28). Would you mind to follow back?
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  21. This sounds so lovely. What beautiful fun happy pictures, that is great to see.

  22. Love all of your dresses! So sweet!

    Followed :)

    I would like to personally invite you to enter my international MAC lipstick and $40 MAC gift card giveaway!


    x Michelle

  23. Lovely pics !

    xx Julien


  24. Lovely pics i realy love it :)


  25. I myself have four other siblings so I can relate. Looks like you and your family had such a wonderful time out in the woods/garden. Once you're off to college, you realize how important family is, so it's really great you bond with them over the weekends. Love the Charlotte Russe boots, they're definitely a steal. x

    Lubna | Elle Vox

  26. you girls look amazing, really beautiful, and jessica's dress is lovely!
    (: Anna


  27. Your boots are a dream <3 studs and buckles are definitely my fave!
    I was going to ask if you all planned to match but your post answered it - clearly you have an amazing sisterly bond when it comes to fashion, haha! I love maroon at the moment and you all look amazing :)
    You seem like you have such a lovely, fun family :) this post made me smile!
    Following you now sweetie :)
    Please keep in touch!
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  28. the boots are great and you have a beautiful family!