wedding weekend

last weekend, anthony was in town (again! i've been seeing this boy so often lately. it's like we're not even long distance. ha!) and we headed to his little hometown for a few days of friends, food and festivities. it was so much fun!! all of anthony's high school friends were in town so i got to meet a few new people, as well as hang out with the rest of his gang that i already know pretty well. but the best part was getting to dress up all weekend!! ;)

friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner. they ran through the ceremony at the church and then we headed to this cute little country dinner for yummy food and little games. i wore this maroon lace dress sans tights/sweater/jacket because it's freaking hot in pittsburgh right now. i'm finally ready for fall weather to start and it's been upper 70s all week! i don't mean to complain but i'm ready for scarves and socks, not sandals. lol. but i digress.  

i got this dress at cotton on last year and it's just so lacy and girly. i love it. i got it for $10 (no lie) and it's a constant staple in my wardrobe no matter the season. i just love me a good dress. simple and easy. you can dress it up or down. and am i the only one who would much rather wear a dress than jeans if i'm trying to be comfy? they're just great. plus, this little satchel from urban outfitters is one of my favorite items of the moment. 

at the dinner, i won a mum! (as in the flower, not the parental figure) we played this game, and the first question was who lives closest to the bride and groom. my school is literally a few miles from their new apartment in shady side so i won that round! and the second question was who's birthday was closest to the groom's and we actually share a birthday (april 11) so i won again, ha! it was just two funny. but in reality no one needs two flower pots so i let someone else have one lol.

i didn't take too many photos at the wedding cause it was such a busy day. but if you follow me on instagram you probably saw this photo of me and anthony all dressed up. he looked so handsome in his groomsmen tux! it was a great night full of dancing, drinking, and friends. cory and sara looked amazing and it was a beautiful ceremony. they are such a sweet couple and deserve all the happiness in the world. yay for weddings!

i'm heading home this weekend for another fun weekend, but this time with my fam! have a happy thursday, folks.


outfit details
dress: cotton on
sandals: old navy


  1. I adore that dress and wedding weekends! Your blog is too cute!


  2. That dress is so pretty!! I love the color. hAve a good weekend!


  3. Cool look!

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  4. Super cute dress and I can't believe you got it so cheap! I love weddings - the entire festivities are so much fun!


  5. nice post...i love the dress

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  6. i love your dress!! you look so beautiful!!! ;))))) if u want we can follow each other!!! ;))) let me know kissess
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  7. you look lovely


  8. The dress is so gorgeous!! I love it. xx

  9. pretty look, I love the color of your dress!

  10. Amazing pictures!:)


  11. This dress looks amazing on you - I love the colour! Such an incredible bargain too!

    Lost in the Haze

  12. Very nice dress! you look lovely. You have a nice blog. Let me know if you want to follow each other. Have a sweet day!


  13. beautiful pictures
    seems like you had a nice weekend :)


    Coline ♡

  14. Sounds like a great weekend! And anyone ever tell you, you look a wee bit like Jodi Foster?

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  15. This is such a cute little dress :) I love lace, and maroon so both of those things in one piece of clothing can never be wrong. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the low-hem dress you wore on Instagram ^^ xo

  16. Such a nice dress from cotton on ! Love the back of it