knits for days

it's my first monday post-graduation and i've spent my day cleaning and organizing the apartment! yay! how exciting. moving out of pittsburgh and moving in with anthony has been quite the adventure, that's for sure. we got the car all packed up and left friday afternoon. we were almost home, about 40 minutes away, and our car started acting up. it was stalling out and we had to keep pulling over and it was quite the disaster. luckily we were able to find a mechanic close by who helped us manage to get home without a tow truck. the cars in the shop now, and it took a few trips in another car to get all of my stuff out, but i'm finally pretty much settled in. it's just been a little on the stressful side, but hey, that's life.

i've got a pretty exciting and busy week this week and i couldn't be more excited. yesterday i got to visit with my grandparents, which is always nice and our stay was full of yummy and delicious food. tonight i'm going to my mom's house to hang out with my siblings and we're going christmas shopping tomorrow. wednesday anthony and i are heading to new york city for the day!! we try to go every year, and the holidays are the perfect time to be in the city. we're gonna visit some cool vintage shops, record stores, and restaurants (food is a given with us). it should be a great day!

i've been living in this navy infinity scarf lately. i just can't take it off! it's so warm and cozy and i got it from this great little boutique in pittsburgh before i left. i just love me some layers. a comfy knit sweater, a long tee, and a scarf to top it all out is my favorite outfit. i would totally wear a variation of this look everyday. and well, i kinda do. ha. oops. it's just been so cold lately the more layers the better!

these fun little socks were totally stolen from anthony. he definitely has an obsession with weird and quirky socks. every year for his birthday and christmas he always gets tons of interesting and colorful socks. so it's always fun to raid his sock drawer and steal a pair to match my outfit and that's exactly what i did here. and these army green boots are from target last season and they are great to wear out for a day of walking around in the fall leaves.

i hope you all are having a great start to your week and are keeping busy this holiday season. 9 days til christmas! ah, i just can't wait. 


outfit details
sweater: forever 21
scarf: figleaf
jeans: tj maxx
socks: happy socks
boots: target


  1. You are so freaking adorable when you smile. Such a cutie! The pattern on your jumper is so sweet as well. Stay cute Nikki! xx

  2. I can't believe christmas is next week! Before we know it we will be eagerly awaiting the boxing day sales, ha!

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  3. Adorable outfit! I love the sweater + scarf combo! We had car issues this past weekend, and our stories sounded very similar! Thank goodness for local repair shops! Towing is expensive!

  4. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)


  5. lovely outfit!! and hope you have a great Christmas, pretty! can't wait!

    love, agnes.

  6. I love all your knits together, they look so cozy! Have fun with your busy week! Sounds like so much fun. :)

  7. Adorable, love the look. Knitted sweaters are my fav!

  8. I am going to be a follower, not a leader, cause now I need one of those shirts.

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  9. OH Happy Socks! I love Happy Socks! And your scarf sweater is very pretty too :) xo

  10. lovely :)


  11. I love reading your blog and I love how all your pictures have the same type of vibe :) Your outfit is of course adorable and looks comfortable.

  12. cute sweater, and you look nice and warm :)


  13. Very cute sweater!

    xo Jennifer


  14. You can never have enough cozy knits!

    Stop by :)

  15. Love this outfit! Your life sounds very full of excitement right now, hope you're having fun :D!

  16. so darling!
    Peace, Love & Good Chocolate,

    Paris Gerrard
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  17. dying over that sweater. you're so cute girl!