fur for days

so i haven't had time to really sit down and think about my new year's resolutions but i wanted to take a second and write them down for you guys. so... ya know, i have someone to keep me accountable! every year i feel like it's the same old, same old. but this year, i feel like it's different. i'm graduated college, living with anthony, working a full-time job, etc. it seems like a lot of "grown up" stuff-- and grown ups stick to their goals.

here are some things i want to work on in 2014:

1. focus on getting healthy. for real. not just losing weight but changing my lifestyle and being more active. i'm talking running, cooking instead of going out, and less candy!
2. creating a budget and sticking to it. i am really bad with money and spend too much on clothes and other somewhat unnecessary items. i want to put more into my savings and less into my closet.
3. read more. i spend a lot of time on social media and i want to cut back a little and read books and write in a journal more often. reading and writing are so important to me and i don't want to lose that.

did you make resolutions? i'd love to hear! the new year is a great time to re-focus and set goals. wish me luck!


outfit details
blouse/jeans: tj maxx
loafers: c/o duo
necklace: juicy dealz via delightfully tacky giveaway


  1. Great gillet!

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  2. I had very similar goals actually, especially reading and writing more! I used to go through about a book a day and, while I obviously don't have time for that as a working adult, I'd like to get back to that excitement about reading. I got a few books for Christmas that I can't wait to get started on!


  3. Love the vest and the shoes, you look awesome. Great goals too. It's totally true that being healthy is a lifestyle change, simple as that. Easier said than done, but completely doable! It's funny, i have the opposite goal than you: be MORE present on social media haha. Also, one of my resolutions is to be more proactive. Do things right away instead of keeping them for later.

    Anyway, check out my give away Nikki!

    Happy new year! xx

  4. I hear ya on all those resolutions, they are ones that I am most definitely focusing on for the year too. I love how the new year always brings us new perspective, and the yearnings to start afresh! Your outfit is so chic, and I'm digging your loafers so much!!!

  5. Great look, I love it :)

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  6. The layout of these images for this post is great. It's a good way of getting lots of images in and in a more interesting way than just scrolling through them. I think I have something to learn from!
    As ever, I am still in love with your perfect length and styled hair. Good luck with the resolutions, you are better person than me. I've given up making them after years of failing!

    Emma x

  7. I love your vest! And your resolutions sound wonderful. To read more is definitely one of mine!

  8. These are such great resolutions! I definitely need to read way more and use social media a whole lot less. So I'm right with you there! Love this outfit, too! The cobalt and the fur pair so nicely together. :)

    Melina | Pale Shadow

  9. love the vest! i too have been doing lots of grown up things lately and definitely could save more $$!

  10. this is a cute outfit, love the fuzzy vest layered over the cobalt blue :)

  11. that fur vest is so chic
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  13. I absolutely adore your vest and ombre hair! You are such a pretty one x


  14. This is such a great look! I'm loving the shoes, fur, and top they all work so well with this look!

    xoxo Akinyi