snow day

thursday night we got hit with the biggest snow so far this winter! we got a few good inches and it was beautiful. my little sister samantha made it to visit just in time to beat the storm. she is still on winter break and i brought her up to my apartment to have some quality hang out time with her before i start work and she goes back to school. she gets more grown up (and more stylish) every time i see her. a fact which makes not stealing all of her clothes an extremely difficult task. ha!

while she was in town, we managed to squeeze a lot of fun stuff in a short amount of time. chipotle, shopping, popcorn, and a new movie all on thursday night! then yesterday we slept in and grabbed brunch at a little diner nearby. it seemed appropriate to wear my new turquoise vest i got for christmas. it's so bright and fun-- plus it kept me pretty warm! 

i love all the colors in this outfit-- and so much of it was thrifted finds! the top, bag, and boots all came from thrift stores over the years. this bag is one of my favorites. the floral fabric is just beautiful and i love how it fits perfectly on my hip. as for the boots, all the credit goes to my mom. she found these for me a couple weeks ago and they're perfect for the snow! they're timberlands and i couldn't have been more excited when she showed them to me. plus she got them for $8! what a deal.

tonight is all about packing. i am the worst procrastinator when it comes to packing so of course i waited until the last minute. i have to dig out all my swim suits and sun dresses because there will be no snow in sight in mexico. i can't believe it's finally here! our flight leaves bright and early tomorrow so wish us safe travels. i still have some fun posts scheduled while we're gone so stay tuned!

have a great week, y'all! adios amigos!


outfit details
shirt/shoes/bag: thrifted
jeans: american eagle
vest: belk


  1. So fun! Enjoy the snow!

    Brooke du jour

  2. Our snow is melting again! We never get enough to actually plan in. Enjoy your snow love! x

  3. Hi Nikki!!
    I really love your style!
    Have a nice Sunday from Italy!

  4. Great style! I wish I could wear stuff like those but it's not gonna work out here in the Philippines since it's so hot and we live in a tropical country! I followed your blog via Bloglovin, hope you can follow me back! xx

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  5. Lovely photos !


  6. I love all the color in your outfit! -Hanna Lei

  7. Lovely outfit, so cozy :)


  8. Love those boots, what a great thrift find! And enjoy your trip, I'm super jealous because Mexico sounds amazing right about now! ;)

    Melina | Pale Shadow

  9. Love those boots! I had a snowy day, too! It was -23 today!
    Love your blog||*



  10. great shots!
    snow days are fun - when you don't have to go anywhere!
    glad you were able to spend a couple days with your sissy!

  11. Hi Nikki! I just stumbled upon your blog after joining the PittsburghBloggers site, and immediately followed you on Bloglovin'. I'm absolutely obsessed! I love your style. These photos are lovely, and the written content is just as strong. Not to mention that your layout is gorgeous.

    I would truly love to collaborate sometime, so please let me know if you're interested!