cobblestone streets

the weather was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend. and by gorgeous i mean above 40 degrees! that's almost unheard of in february. it was great to actually go outside and enjoy the sun without stomping through piles of snow. anthony and i try to pack as many fun outings and adventures as we can each weekend, because during the week our schedules are crazy. between my working full-time and him working and taking classes, it doesn't leave room for much else besides eating dinner and binge-watching gilmore girls on week nights. it makes me feel old, but i guess it's just a part of growing up! 

i find that i'm a lot happier if i find time to cook dinner or exercise after work. usually all i want to do is crash and take a nap, but if i do a work-out video as soon as i'm home-- i have a little bit more energy for the rest of the evening. and another benefit of healthy living is it makes me really into cooking! i've been all about the crock pot recipes lately. it's so convenient to make it one night and have soup or chili for the next day's lunch or dinner. one meal preparation that turns into multiple meals is too awesome to pass up. be sure to check out my 'be healthy' board on pinterest for some fun recipes!

so, i've been really trying to stick with my saving money resolution by doing a lot more thrifting. this amazing buffalo plaid jacket was found at goodwill. and i'm in love and it's perfect and i want to wear it everyday. i love finding such awesome and trendy pieces at such a good price. it reminds me of why i started going to thrift stores in the first place. it's so much more rewarding than buying the first thing you see on urban outfitter's website (and i mean that in the nicest way possible cause we all know i have their homepage saved in my bookmarks). all i mean is in order to expand my wardrobe, i can't drop $70+ dollars on jacket, when i could look a little harder and find something like this for $5.

speaking of urban outfitters, that's where this tee is from. and it's from the boy section. and it cost $9.99 on sale. so yes, shopping there can definitely be manageable. you've just got to be a bargain shopper! it's possible and very, very fun.  i thought my new black combat boots would finish off this look with the right edgy feel, and i think i was right. i got them through groupon. yes, they have groupons for SHOES. it's amazing, people. signing up for their weekly emails makes me feel like i need cooking classes, a trip to south america, and mani/pedi/massage every time i refresh my inbox. still haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing. ha!

well, i hope the first few days of february are treating you all marvelously. thanks for stopping by.


outfit details
plaid jacket/bag: thrifted
jewelry: forever 21
jeans: tj maxx
boots: carrini via groupon 


  1. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog! And wow it is amazing, definitely one which is great for inspiration. I love this post specially the great vivid pictures! I would love for you to check out my blog, which by just scrolling through your page, I know you will love!! Keep up the good work

  2. Your thrifted cardi is such a great find! It looks so fancy! I think UO sometimes does amazing sales, they just keep dropping the prices. I have a top I bought years ago that is a solid favourite that I got in the UO sale. I am also partial to some boy clothes. So much comfier than girl clothes!

    Emma x

  3. Love it!! Go check out my latest post at lipstickheelsandababy.blogspot.com! I hope you will follow along!!!


  4. Love your thrift find, that plaid jacket is a huge want for me!

  5. I would wear what your wearing. I need a large plaid like that for my coat. :)

  6. Lovely post ! This red is a great shade for this season.


  7. OMG I feel like you read my mind with this post! This past weekend's weather was beyond amazing & definitely has me more ready for Spring than ever. I totally agree with you about the whole working out after I get home, the burst of energy afterwards is so rewarding :)

  8. świetny blog :)
    zapraszam do mnie ♥

  9. Love this look, so laid back and cool. I am definitely checking out your pinterest board - I cook dinner pretty much every night but we tend to repeat things A LOT so I'd love to try out some new stuff:)

  10. Lovely photos dear and I love your hair!


  11. Lovely outfit! Love your sweater!


  12. I love this causual outfit!


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  14. love this laidback look, plus in love with your watch, where is it from?


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  16. Love your jacket!

    Love, Lory x


  17. love this outfit!

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  18. that plaid is a great find! i love your style :) crock pot recipes are soooo good. i see them on facebook or pinterest all the time, and i MUST get a crockpot!!! I've heard its like the easiest thing in the world!
    pretty cobblestones:) i love cobblestones... so oldschool!

    glad to have found your blog!


  19. great post, very inspiring for those who also want to save money and i love your plaid jacket :)

  20. Very nice! I am about to start thrifting too. I just started getting info on thrift shops in my area. Hope I have good luck like you! I'm now following you on Bloglovin'!

  21. Great post! Love this casual look:)


  22. I really need to start the whole working out thing after work, because all I ever want to do (and usually what I do) is nothing. sit on the couch - nothing! Ugh! I'm loving that jacket buffalo plaid is such a great pattern to have in the wardrobe!

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  23. I love a good black/red shirt - always makes the best outfits :))) and your hair is really pretty! :)

  24. Hi my beautiful !
    I love these photos !
    And your outfit ;)
    Kisses <3


  25. Pretty look girl! ;)

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