the liebster award

i got an email the other day from the lovely ashley, from fancy that, telling me that she was nominating me for a liebster award. i had never heard of this before, so i instantly headed over to her blog to find out. basically, the liebster award is recognition from one blogger to another saying you inspire them and they truly enjoy reading your blog. it's a great way to recognize bloggers who work hard and are great at what they do. i couldn't have been more excited to have been nominated.

the way it works is when you receive and accept the award you do following:
  • link back to the person who nominated you. 
  • answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you. 
  • pick your own 11 nominees of smaller blogs, who then answer your questions. 
  • you cannot nominate the person who nominated you. 
  • lastly, tell your nominees you have nominated them. 

here are the questions i received:
1. What is your biggest passion?
writing. if i could do one thing all day, every day (and get paid for it) i would write. one of my top 5 things to do before i die is to write and publish a book. seems a little far fetched, but it'd be totally awesome to be a published author.
2. What inspired you to start blogging? 
i always enjoyed shopping (maybe a little too much) and putting fun outfits together. in high school, i got into thrifting and randomly stumbled across selective potential on the interwebs one day. i began reading tieka's blog on a regular basis and was inspired to be more creative and to push the limits with my clothes. i always wanted to start a blog of my own, but i was too nervous to actually take outfit photos. it wasn't until many years later that i finally worked up the courage to start my own blog (and found anthony to take my pics!) now i can't imagine not sharing my daily outfits/adventures here!
3. Who is your favorite author, and why?
jodi picoult is someone who i really love. i'm a huge fan of chick flicks in the form of books, but sometimes they are so predictable or cheesy i feel a little silly reading them. but with picoult's novels, they have more depth and substance, but still usually involve a good love story (i just can't help it, people! i love a good happy ending).
4. What do you collect? 
knick-knacks! i am constantly raiding thrift stores for little bejeweled elephants, ceramic owls, decorative tins, and jewelry boxes. all of the shelves in my apartment are full of random little chachkies that i've collected over the years. if it looks pretty, i'll buy it. i don't really have a theme unless you count "cluttered" as a interior design style.
5. If you could meet up with a younger you, what advice would you give to her? 
stop dying/perming/destroying your hair! this is my one biggest pet peeve about my high school years. i've had blonde, wavy, black, long, curly, and basically every other type of hair style. and now i'm forced to have short hair until i can cut all of my damaged ends off. i would tell my younger self to embrace my natural straight, brown hair, and call it a day.
6. If you could travel anywhere in the whole world, where would it be? 
i am absolutely dying to go to greece. ever since i saw sisterhood of the traveling pants (i know, lame) i thought it looked like the most beautiful place in the entire world. the cliffs, the beaches, the small towns-- according to photos i've seen it's perfect. hopefully i am able to travel there one day!
7. Name three of your favorite books. 
the great gatsby- f. scott fitzgeral
just listen- sarah dessen
these girls- sarah pekkanen
8. What do you look for in a blog?
for me, the most important thing i look for is relatability. i enjoy following those who feature clothes that i could see myself wearing and who shop at places that are in my price range. i like girls who don't think they are celebrities with an unlimited budget, they are just trying to express themselves and inspire others along the way.
9. How would you describe your style? 
i would describe my style as chic, eclectic, and fun. i'd pick a good dress over jeans any day. i love wearing colorful pants and mixing prints. i like layering collared shirts under sweaters and wearing tons of jewelry. style is expressing yourself, what i wear is a very important part of me.
10. What’s your favorite candy? 
this is the hardest question of all. i am a candy connoisseur. i'll give you my top 3 because it is impossible to only pick one. i love airhead extremes, sour patch kids, and gummy bears. i know, i know-- it's probably the same answer a 6 year old boy would give. but i don't care!!
11. Who do you look up to the most? 
super cliche, but i look up to my boyfriend, anthony. he is smart, hardworking, and the funniest person i know. he makes me challenge myself intellectually and makes me want to be a better person. i'm very happy i have him in my life. he inspires me and encourages me in everything that i do. i love living life with him (cue end of sappy love story).

here are my nominations for the liebster award:
1. pale shadow
2. pretty lovely
3. frankly speaking
4. the ginger diaries
5. paloma in disguise
6. applewood road
7. velvet & vino
8. f.i.t.s. on me
9. sara's sweet style
10. infinite style
11. highland fling

my questions for you lovely ladies are:
1. which blogger do you admire the most?
2. what is your favorite place you've ever visited?
3. who's the most inspiring person you follow on instagram?
4. what is your craziest memory with your best friend?
5. who is your favorite musical artist?
6. if you could eat any food, all day/everyday, what would it be?
7. what are your top 5 favorite stores to shop at?
8. who is your celebrity fashion icon?
9. what's your dream job?
10. describe your personal style in 3 words.
11. what is your favorite item in your closet?

thanks again, ashley! what an honor. and i can't wait to see what the ladies i nominated have to say about this :)



  1. This is a really cute idea to get to know more about someone! Love your favorite books.


  2. So cute! I love reading these posts (And I love sour patch kids :)

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. Natural hair is the best! I am not dying my hair and try to keep it as healthy as possible :)
    Congrats on the award :)xo

  4. very nice, great post! xo

  5. I love your blog

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  7. The outfit with the jean shorts is so freaking cute!


  8. Nikki!!!!!! Thank you so much for naming Velvet & Vino as your top blog and for nominating us, this means so much to me!!!! Also, I have to agree with you about sour patch kids candy! Absolutely one of my long-time favs! Hugs!

  9. cute looks and congrats :)


  10. you have great style. it was fun reading these answers. I, too, would love to go to greece, and i LOVE gummy bears!!!

    congrats on the award :)


  11. Your outfits are all so cute!


  12. Congratulations on the nomination, and I love the Great Gatsby as well!

    Stop by :)

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  14. great blog, style and photos

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    Technicolour Dreamer