february in instagram

oh my goooodness, i can't believe it's march! it's almost spring and i seriously cannot wait. i'm so excited to start spending more time outside and enjoying the sunshine. february was full of snow; inches and inches of snow. i've been stuck inside most weekends-- which doesn't sound too fun, but it has its perks. yes, i watched both seasons of house of cards in a week. and yes, it was awesome. i'm still trucking along with my new years resolutions. i've lost 12 pounds since january and feel better than ever. i love finding and following inspiring fitness guru's on instagram. it really helps to keep me motivated! also, i'm so surprised by the lack of shopping i've done this year. i realized i have so many things hidden in my closet that i've never worn! (shocker, right?) and i'm trying to rework things i've been neglecting. how was your month? hope february was full of love and lots of positive vibes. :)

1. i received this lovely lingerie set from Adore Me just in time for valentine's day. :)
2. yummy (and extra spicy) pho while out apartment hunting
3. painted my nails barbie pink just becauseeee
4. heart-shaped, homemade donuts (with extra sprinkles) recipe via A Beautiful Mess
5. all dolled up for date night with my boy
6. a fun tv exhibit at the national portrait gallery in dc
7. my current lunch obsession: salad with cranberries, walnuts, and goat cheese
8. fun braided updo thanks to Modern Day Charm's five minute hair tutorial!
9. loving avocados lately. and then i saw this joke on pinterest and it made me laugh. so true!

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  1. lovely blog

    may be we can follow each other.let me know
    Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  2. Ooh looks like you had a lot of fun, love the pic of your date night!

  3. I am so excited that March is here because not only do we get closer to spring, but my birthday will be coming soon! Love all the color on your Instagram pictures! Mine is @anngelik15


  4. Thanks for sharing dear . And you look like have a great photo

    I love it



  5. Lovely insta-pics! Those heart shaped donuts: yum! And I'm halfway through season 2 of House of Cards... So good!

  6. cute ig posts! the donuts is so yummy and i love your braided hair!<3
    would you like to follow each other? gladly to follow amazing person like you!

    see you on my blog,

  7. Very interesting post my sweetie :P
    Have a nice Monday !
    Kisses <3


  8. Lovely photos! Your pink nails look so cute!

    xx stephalsay.blogspot.com

  9. oh so much fun! you and your bf look good together :)

  10. Great pics dear!


  11. I'm right there with you in being excited about March! And congratulations on keeping up with your fitness goals, that's very impressive given the insane amounts of snow and cold! Here's hoping for nice weather so we all don't go stir crazy. ;)

  12. Congrats on the weight loss! I live in CA so it never snows here - I went to visit a national park just to spend sometime in the snow.

    I can't believe it's march either. Jan felt like a very long month but now time is flying by.


  13. I love posts like this one, a little recap of everything :) I loooove avocados & that salad looks amazing!

  14. I love the "just becauseeee" Barbie Pink colour of your nail polish! Adore Me lingerie seems to be gaining popularity. Though I do lingerie reviews I haven't reviewed an Adore Me set yet but I haven't ruled it out. Those homemade heart shaped donuts look yummy. Looking at the avocado makes me want to pick some up the next time I go to the market.