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hi ya'll, my name is nikki. i’m a college student until december 2013 and go to school in pittsburgh, pa at point park university. i study multimedia communications and have a passion for graphic design, writing, marketing, and social media. i’m lucky to have found a field that i know i can work in for my entire life and be content. i am from maryland and currently live in a cute little studio apartment in baltimore with my boyfriend, anthony.

now, on to the fun stuff. some might say that i’m a shopoholic. and by some, i mean everyone that i’ve ever known in my entire life. for as long as i can remember i’ve had a love for piecing together outfits and creating my own unique personal style.  i’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now; ever since i’ve started reading selective potential, stylish white female, sincerely jules, song of style, bleubird vintage, the rockstar diaries, and i’m gonna stop there because i could go on for a while. those are just a few of the blogs that have inspired me.

some of my favorite places to shop are forever 21, h&m, tj maxx, urban outfitters, target, etc. but lets face it, i’m a 21 year old girl on budget. one of my favorite aspects of fashion is creativiity and individuality. these two things can be hard to find in big department stores. i don’t want to go to class one day and see someone else wearing my exact outfit. in high school, i discovered the beauty of thrifting and fell in love. so currently, 80% of my closet has most likely been discovered at a good will or local thrift store.

i look like at it like a treasure hunt. you never know what you’re going to find. whether it’s a vintage romper, a cute sundress, pretty tanks, etc. i have found so many great pieces for great prices and have never felt like i am lacking in the fashion department. i save money and have fun, all while finding amazing pieces that are seemingly one of kind. my thrift store finds will play a huge part in my blog. i’d love to show people the beauty of stepping outside the mall and focusing on dressing how you want dress, not just stealing an outfit off a mannequin.

besides thrifting, i also enjoy activities such as:
•  drinking iced caramel machiatos
•  riding my bike
•  watching entire seasons of tv shows on netflix
•  finding recipes online and attempting to cook them
•  taking instagram photos of said dishes
•  playing monopoly with my boyfriend and always winning
•  being an obsesive compulsive and self proclaimed neat freak
•  eating way too much frozen yogurt

so those are obviously some very important facts about myself. i hope you find this about me interesting enough to potentially come back and check out my blog again.  it’s going to take some practice, but i promise that i am going to do my best to inspire you to express yourself and be creative when it comes to what you pull out of your closet each morning.

i’ll be back with my first outfit post soon.  thanks for reading.


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