date night in dc

thursday night i headed into dc after work to meet anthony to grab drinks and sushi.  his mom and sister are coming into town for the weekend and we had to pick them up at union station around 10 so we just decided to make a night out of it.

i put on a new dress that i haven't worn yet, that i got from marshalls. i was super excited when i found this dress because i'd been dying to experiment with the high-low style. plus, the lace cutouts on the side and the back give it some edge. it's a unique and fun twist to a simple little black dress.

we headed over to wok and roll downtown. its this great little place that anthony always goes to for lunch during the work day and i am pretty much always in the mood for chinese food so it was a great choice for us. we were stoked to find out that it was happy hour til 8! it's we ordered some sushi for appetizers at $1.50 a piece, and also got a few miller lites.  it was great catching up and relaxing after the work day.  

dinner was great and afterwards we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by exploring the city.  i grew up about an hour outside of dc, so coming downtown was never a big deal.  i sometimes forget how amazing of a city it is, because it's always been so accessible to me.  anthony is from pittsburgh and thinks dc is the coolest place on earth.  between the monuments and the museums and all of the important government people, it's basically his heaven on earth.

we just headed out of chinatown, and towards the mall, where the washington monument is and stopped by some cool spots on the way.  no matter where you look in dc, things are beautiful.  the streets, the shops, the parks-- it's just so much fun taking it all in.  i'm so lucky to have grown up so close to our nation's capital. there's so much history here.


i got this headband from american eagle a while ago.  it was super cheap but i never knew how to wear it. i always feel like headbands are so tricky.  like you have to decide if you want to go full out hippy and wear it on your forehead, or if you put it in your hair you have to worry about it falling out every two seconds.  but i discovered this way of putting it over all of my hair and then bobby pinning a few strands over top in the back so it holds it in place.


since the dress is such a statement piece, i decided to go easy on the accessories.  i popped in some gold
studded earrings from forever 21. and of course i couldn't resist wearing my favorite boots.  i ordered
these babies for $35 on amazon through zooshoo and it was the best purchase i ever made. i have a deep, passionate love for combat boots and if it was up to me, i would wear them all day, everyday.  and these are obviously a million times cooler because they have studs on them and i would buy a pink polka dot sweater if it had studs on it. but since i don't plan on joining the armed forces anytime soon, sadly, this is not an option and i have to switch it up from time to time with flats, sandals, converse, etc.


so for the rest of the night we walked around and held hands and got ice cream and enjoyed each other's company. his mom and sister arrived at the megabus later that night and we're super excited to be having our first guests in our apartment! we plan on playing board games, cooking, drinking beer, exploring baltimore, and heading to the beach on a day trip! i'm so excited.  also, my mom and his mom are going to meet each other for the first time. which is pretty cool since we've been dating for a year and a half. it should be fun.


the "high-low" look is one of my favorite trends happening right now.  whether it is a dress or a skirt. what are your favorite trends of the moment?

i'll be back with another post soon. thanks for reading.


outfit details
dress: marshalls
shoes: zooshoo
earrings: forever 21
headband: american eagle


  1. So cool! I do love your DC date night super cute:) You look trendy in this high-low dress and boots were a perfect touch!

    xoxo Akinyi

  2. Love the date night dress on your, and I love your blog! :)