after the rain

so baltimore's been doing this thing where everyday this week is scorching hot and sunny and humid during the day and then at night, it thunderstorms. it's causing me major cabin fever, because after work i just have to run inside with my umbrella and cuddle up til it's time for bed. i need fresh air and grass and flowers in my life, and this week has just not been cutting it. but luckily, today the storm lasted only about 30 minutes! horray! so you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as it cleared up, i headed right outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

so speaking of things that are great, how great is this maxi skirt?! i got it last month while visiting my best friend in the entire universe (brittany) in omaha, nebraska. we've been best friends since 8th grade and she moved out there right before our senior year. i've been out to the midwest to visit her a few times and each time i do, i make sure i stop by scout. its an amazing little vintage/consignment store in the cutest little neighborhood. they buy, sell, and trade and i always have good luck finding interesting pieces. the pattern on this skirt is to die for. and for the majority of us who don't live in nebraska, they have a kick ass website so be sure to check them out!

these brown leather sandals have been my new summer staple. i picked them up at a thrift store when i was at my parent's house for father's day weekend. they are so comfy and go with anything. oh yeah, and they were $8. scoreeee. i'm going to have an upcoming post where i showcase an outfit that is compiled of solely thrift store goodies. i'm excited to show how fun and easy thrifting can be!

the one good thing about all of this rain is that everything is so green. i love it. though i do hope that it holds off this weekend. me and anthony want to head out to a park and scope out some of the trails and maybe even have a picnic. i need some sunshine in my life! other than that, we will probably just relax with netflix and homemade smoothies (a new necessity in our lives. watermelon/banana is our fave). the perfect summer snack.

i always find that with each season, i always have a go-to piece, like with these sandals. what's your favorite go-to summer accessory?

thanks for reading and happy friday.


outfit details
maxi skirt: scout
lace camisole: thrifted
various bracelets: forever 21
earrings: forever 21
sandals: thrifted

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  1. Hey Nikki! I like your skirt. My fave photo is of you twirling. So pretty. Great background too. Glad you got out for some fun. Looks like another week of rain. :p My go to for summer is actually my Sak bag that I've had for yrs.