having a field day

i love fields. big open spaces. being able to look out as far as the eye can see. flowers. grass. and in this case, some weird mysterious wheat looking plant. oh well, i'm not complaining. considering i've lived in the city for the past 3 years, i relish any opportunity to get away from honking horns and tall buildings. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm totally a city girl, but i'm sure even serena van dor woodsen needs a break from the big apple from time to time. it's just so pretttty.

so it's quite possible that these turquoise pants might potentially be the best pants of all time. okay, so they definitely are. i was perusing tj maxx one day when i came across these bad boys. right next to a pair of pink ones. which were right next to a pair of teal ones. so i did what any sane person would do in this situation and i bought all of them.

when it comes to colored pants, it's all about mix and match. i love the contrast between these two pieces. this sleeveless blouse is from avalon exchange. one of my ultimate favorite places to shop in pittsburgh (they have other locations too, so check out their website). it's a vintage boutique that has great deals, plus a lot of designer brands. everything there is so cool and it's safe to say i never walk out empty handed. you can never go wrong with stores like this, or scout, or buffalo exchange (which is where i found this gorgeous necklace i'm wearing). great prices, sweet clothes, and cool people.


and in case you haven't noticed, i have a very hard time leaving the house without some form on studs on my clothing. today, i chose my new studded sandals i got from payless. plus, the day i went was BOGO. so you know what that means. i was basically forced to buy two pairs of shoes. i mean, c'mon, i barely even had a say in that one. who says no to BOGO?!

anthony is such a good sport when it comes to this new hobby of mine. he is so supportive and has gotten pretty good with the camera (he takes all of the photos for this blog). and if you can see, his socks match his shirt! maybe taking all of these outfit shots for me are rubbing off on him a bit! ;)


i love getting to dress colorful and playful, but this summer i've had to focus on buying some clothes i can wear to my internship too. it's not all fun and games, folks! i will be posting soon about some tips when it comes to dressing for the office. i mean lets face it, were not all pants suits and blazers kinda girls. stay tuned for some ways to stay trendy while being professional!


are you a fan of the colored pants trend? what color would you love to showcase on your jeans?

thanks for reading!


outfit details
pants: tj maxx
sandals: payless
bracelets: forever 21
earrings: gifted
necklace: buffalo exchange


  1. LOVE the colored pants trend - I'm a huge fan of the polka dot colored pants, too. Super cute, girl!

    And what a nice guy you have. I'll have to enlist mine to take a couple of pictures... ;)

  2. I love your blog! You are absolutely beautiful! :)

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  3. I love your trousers so much! I went a bit crazy for coloured jeans this summer, and bought three pairs at once! Had to resist buying more, too!


  4. beautiful post!! the colourful jeans suit you!! xx