nine to five

okay so, i'm 21 and still in school and i don't have a full time job. it might appear as though i can wear whatever i want all the time cause it's a free country, people! but this is not the case. this summer i have an internship at givecorps. its an amazing company that helps nonprofits raise money. i do a lot of graphic design and its safe to say i love my job. though the dress code is not super strict, i still try to look professional while working my lovely 30 hours a week.

unlike boys, girls can't wake up 5 minutes before we head out the door and throw on a button down shirt and slacks. well i guess we could, but yawwwn. boring. i like color! and patterns! and cute shoes! i am so not a pencil skirt/pants suit/blazer every day type girl. and if you are, no offense, i'm sure it works for you! but if you're like me, it can be hard to find a balance between showcasing your personal style while maintaining a professional persona in your work (or internship) atmosphere.

this dress is calvin klein found at tjmaxx and it cost me $19.99. no that is not a typo, it's real life! tj maxx is probably the best place to go for business wear. they have timeless, name brand pieces for half the price of department stores. you can find almost anything you would want to wear to the office in this place. a solid dress and fun/quirky shoes (these were on sale for 12 bucks at payless!) are a great way to amp up your work attire. 

the necklace, earrings, and bracelets are some things i scored at forever 21. you will quickly discover that 99.9% of my accessories are from forever 21. i mean they have things for under 5 bucks. it's a dream come true. whether it's a pair of earrings for $1.80 or a necklace for $4.80, i have such a hard time saying no to these things! i mean, you can't have too many accessories, right?


i'm going to be posting outfits that i wear to work from time to time. just to help give a few hints on how you can spruce up your 9-5 work week and have fun when getting dressed in the morning. it may not be as exciting as picking out what you are going to wear to that mumford and sons concert next week or for a girls night out with the gals this weekend, but i promise you 9-5 doesn't have to be all pinstripes and pantyhose.

how do you add your personal style to outfits for the office? comment below and share your secrets!

thanks for reading.


outfit details
dress: calvin klein via tj maxx
wedges: payless
jewelry: forever 21