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our first week at the beach is officially over, but... we have another week left! yay! this place just keeps getting better and better. today was our last day at the brigadune, our cute little beach house on the sound (the side of the island that on the bay). when my mom and chuck were looking for rentals, they couldn't find one house that was available for 2 weeks in a row. so today we moved to another house! ha, it was kinda funny moving all our stuff a few miles down the road but i have no complaints when it comes to having more beach/family time this upcoming week.

our house had this gorgeous little pier that leads out to the bay. it was perfect for fishing, crabbing, and even kayaking! but we found out later it is not for swimming. we caught multiple baby sharks and sting rays! talk about scary! i like viewing scary ocean animals from a distance, not up close lol. but we had so much fun on this pier. i've never had so many crabs to eat in one week! crab is my all time favorite food.

the weather has continued to be spot on the entire trip. we've had little patches of rain here and there, but not enough to really keep up from doing fun stuff. which is good news for my tan! woot woot. i'm such a beach bum. plop me down with a book and a baseball cap and i am one happy gal. i swear i've been barefoot for the past 7 days so excuse the lack of shoes in my posts. but who needs shoes at the beach?! not meee.

i love this little green tank (from this post) so much. the perfect beach tank. i like that it's cropped and simple, but has a little bit of detail under the bust area. the blue on the top made me want to pair it with this awesome, lovely, pretty, etc. chambray skirt that i thrifted (yes, thrifted!!) a few weeks ago. it's so airy and light and the cute little buttons down the front are adorable.

this simple look could easily be recreated at one of my favorite places, old navy for only 30 bucks! totally reasonable. old navy has great prices and fun trends. i remember shopping there when i was younger, and then as i got to be a teen, i didn't like it all that much (not sure why). but now as an adult on a budget, i really find myself loving to shop there!

house for week #1 was awesome, but week #2 house has a pool and a hot tub (yipeeee) so i'm super excited.  i hope we are just as lucky with weather this week, too. i can't get enough sunshine this trip! this tan has to last me when i move back to pittsburgh in a couple weeks. and we all know that city has pretty much no sun. ha ha!

hope everyone had a great weekend! thanks for stopping by.


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