picnic in the park

well folks, it is officially summer in baltimore and it is HOT. there is no doubt summer is my favorite season. trips to the beach, tanned skin, sundresses, ice cream cones, swimming, what's not to like?! last summer i was in pittsburgh, so it was hot, but not hot. maryland summers are a totally different story because of humidity. it's rough but i try hard to appreciate it because when i'm back at school in the fall, and pittsburgh is in the single digits, i will be daydreaming about high-waisted shorts and crop tops.

saturday was absolutely gorgeous and there was no better way to spend it than at a park. we headed over to columbia and visited lake kittamaqundi. we had never been there before, but it's right next to mall so that was awesome, and it was so beautiful. it was just one of those days where the sky was so blue and the clouds were perfect and fluffy. i really love maryland because we get the perfect dose of all four seasons. yes, i loveeee summer; but if it was in the 80s on christmas, it just wouldn't seem right. i like how i get to enjoy each season individually (and the fashion that comes with each one).


to keep cool in the heat, i paired this thrifted crop top/tank with this fun skirt from scout. it was light and comfy. plus, combined with a fun pair of sunnies, i was basically wearing all the colors of the rainbow and it was awesome. this colorful outfit was definitely due to the fact that my mood today was above average because a.) i slept til eleven, b.) it finally didn't rain today, and c.) IT FINALLY DIDN'T RAIN TODAY!!


we brought a little picnic of yummy snacks like fruit and carrots and hummus and packed our books and lounged in the shade all afternoon. it was relaxing and a great way to spend the day. sometimes you just need to lay in the grass and forget about work and computers and money and just de-stress.

we spent the day laying and reading and enjoying the pretty sights of the lake. i was so happy to spend the day with anthony and not have anything to worry about. i'm so lucky i have this kid, he makes me so happy. i'm glad i have someone who wants to go on little adventures and just really enjoys life. :D



how do you usually spend your weekends? what's your favorite activity when you need to just get out of the house? comment below!

thanks for reading.


outfit details
tank: thrifted
skirt: scout
shoes: converse
cross bracelet: buffalo exchange
flower bracelet/sunnies: flea market

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