january in instagram

so the month of january honestly couldn't have been a better way to kick off 2014. if you remember, i posted some of my new years resolutions a few posts ago (here). i'm happy to report that i was able to really break some ground with these goals the past few weeks. aside from what you might see here (i.e. cupcakes and candy) i really kicked it into gear in terms of getting healthy. i've been doing some at home work outs by watching fitness blender videos on my ipad. also, i've been tracking what i eat everyday with my fitness pal, an awesome app that allows you to count calories and track your weight. and good news-- i've lost 7 pounds so far! woot woot. i feel great and am pumped to keep going next month. 

another thing i wanted to work on was to try and focus less on social media and other online distractions and get back into reading. i have a huge passion for reading and writing, but didn't do much of it in 2013. i want this year to be different. between lounging on the beach during vacation and my crazy long commute, i have read a lot this month. and by a lot i mean 9 books. yes i turned into a total bookworm this month, but it has been awesome. you can never have enough cheesy, romance novels in your life, right?

how are you all doing with your new years resolutions? good i hope! january is always the easiest time to stick to them, and february is when things usually start falling through the cracks. well, let's not let it happen! it's a new month so let's keep motivated. 

here are some of my favorite snapshots from this month. enjoy!

1. shopping with my little sister. how cute is she?!?
2. my first time leaving the country didn't disappoint-- vacation in cancun was amazing!
3. my welcome sign on the first day at my new job at american university!!!
4. yummy red velvet cupcakes i made one night just because.
5. one of my favorite looks of the month (and it's totally thrifted!)
6. january was definitely the month of snow.
7. i repeat. so. much. snow.
8. found my new fave at home workout videos. be sure to check out fitness blender on youtube!
9. a lovely friend send me a package full to the brim with my favorite treats. (thanks, sarah!)

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  1. loving the snow.pics!! and that.package.of treats, yummm!

  2. love your beanies and now that you have your passport you need to fill those pages!

    love from San Francisco, Britt+Whit

  3. Nice instagram pictures!!

  4. The "spend less time online and more reading/writing" is also one of my resolutions!
    And God, those cupcakes look really yummy *.*


  5. Love the collage of photos. The one of you shopping with your sister is the cutest!


  6. Oh adorable! Looks like you had a fabulous month! And yeah, those red velvet cupcakes look so so good!


  7. I love your outfits!


  8. "Just because" is hands down the best reason to make cupcakes :D!

  9. Such a lovely little recap of your month! It sounds like it was really great! And congrats on getting into a healthier groove. Doesn't it always feel so good?

  10. It is adorable. Mmmmm .... cupcakes look yummy .... and so good ...

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Great resolutions! Esp the social media one... I could use a kick of that.
    The Marcy Stop

  12. Aww it looks and sounds like such a great month! So happy to hear that you have been able to break ground on some of your goals already!

  13. lovely post!


  14. awesome instagram pics :D

  15. Great idea the post with a instagram month summary!!

    I so understand you, the internet really keeps me from reading, although I really really love reading.... i hate it but it's a real addiction!

    Greetings from Paris !!! (where we had the warmest January for years!)