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praise the lord for three day weekends! while everyone else is heading out of town, anthony and i are staying in. we started off this morning with a nice 4 mile run followed by some yummy watermelon. we have so much to do in order to get ready to move next weekend. only 7 days!!! i can't believe it. packing is probably one of my most hated things ever, but we can't procrastinate much longer! this weekend we are cracking down starting to get things boxed up. wish us luck!

 this totally thrifted post is one of my favorites. i found these jeans at goodwill a few weeks ago and fell in love. the lose + baggy fit screamed boyfriend jeans to me and i couldn't resist. all i had to do was cuff the bottoms a few times (they aren't skinny jeans so the width was a little awkward) and i loved the way they turned out. paired with my favorite summer sandals i scored last year, i was one happy camper.
you can easily recreate this look at urban outfitters. while i am a huge fan of this store (i mean i practically start drooling upon my entrance) it's just a bit out of my price range. i usually try to close my eyes and head straight to the sales rack. i've learned that they have some awesome stuff in the clearance section and the prices are even better. i've linked to some similar items in sale section of their website. let me know what you think!

i hope everyone enjoys their three day weekend (for those who have it)! get out and enjoy some sunshine.

it's time for another totally thrifted post! my favorite outfits tend to consist of a majority of thrift store items and this one isn't any different. i didn't even plan it-- i just looked down before leaving the house and realized this entire look probably cost me less than $30, and that's including these amazing chunky sandals. you just can't beat stores like buffalo exchange (where i got the skirt + shoes). the variety of amazing and unique pieces that are under one roof just seems too good to be true. see if there's one near you here!it's tuesday and this week couldn't be off to a better start. after work yesterday, a bunch of girls and i headed over to guapos for mexican foodand margaritas to celebrate (a belated) cinco de mayo. who can resist a holiday that encourages chips + salsa and tequila? not i! we had so much fun just talking and hanging out. it's so nice to have a great group of ladies at my office. everyone needs a girls night every once in a while! 
this look can easily be recreated at target! i'm all about the long + flowy skirts right now and this one from target is super cute (and comes in a bunch of different colors). plus, you can't beat a cute floral tee for under 10 bucks. i have a feeling my love affair with target won't be ending any time in the near future. :)
hit up your fave thrift store this week and revamp your spring wardrobe without breaking the bank. and let me know what you find! thanks for checking in.


this three day weekend has been everything i've wanted it to be so far. i've gotten the chance to relax, catch up on blogging, sleep in as late as i want, and spend time with anthony. never in my life have i appreciated a weekend more than i have this weekend. commuting into the city every morning and coming back every evening makes for little free time and not a lot of sleep. my weekends are going to be more precious than ever, now! full of a mixture fun stuff and a whole lot of nothing.

on saturday, anthony and i spent our day at the mall. we hit up the food court for lunch (moe's-- yum), saw a movie (august: osage county--amazing), and, of course, shopped til we dropped (tons of work clothes for the both of us--yay). it was a great way to spend a saturday. we ended it by making some pasta, baking cupcakes, and watching gilmore girls. we've been sort of on a binge since i picked up the whole series on dvd at a thrift store. talk about a miracle. it's one of the best shows. ever. right?!

i realized it's been forever since i've done a totally thrifted post and when i put on this outfit i couldn't believe it was all thrifted items. i didn't even plan it that way! it worked out great because posting more totally thrifted outfits is definitely something i want to focus more on this coming year. thrifting is such a great way to expand your wardrobe while saving money at the time. and since one of my new years resolutions is to manage my money better, it seems like killing two birds with one stone.

i felt awesome in this outfit. the leopard pants, the slouchy beanie, the bright colored clutch-- it might be one of my fave outfits to date. and of course it was just icing on the cake to find this beautiful turquoise wall to be the back drop for these photos. it's moments like this when i'm so glad i have this blog. it's such a great hobby and a fun way to express myself. :)

this fun outfit can be recreated at forever 21. obvi. they are the perfect place for fun patterns and bright accessories. plus, the prices! i mean a pair of denim skinnies for 22 bucks. you just can't beat it. 

well i hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend just as much as me! enjoy the monday off (if you have it) and happy MLK day! 


happy monday, people! okay mondays are never that happy but it's not freezing and it's fall and i'm drinking an iced chai and i don't have any complaints this morning. i had a great weekend spent with good friends in loud bars, and even got some homework done. yay for being productive! and speaking of productivity, i also finished season 5 of mad men on netflix! if there's one thing i'm good at, it's binge watching television shows. go me.

something about autumn makes me wanna wear orange. a lot. and i usually hate orange. but when october rolls around i can't wait to wear it. i mean it's the color of pumpkins and pretty leaves and candy corn (i love candy corn). orange is everywhere this time of year. so this basic striped tee is perfect for the season.

these shorts are one of my favorite thrifted finds. i know i probably say that a lot, but this time i really mean it! i'm pretty sure turquoise will never stop being my number one favorite color and i will jump at any chance to incorporate it into an outfit. since the color of the shorts is the highlight of this look, i decided to keep it simple and go with black accessories. these little black sneakers are just so darn comfy and i have to have my handy dandy black satchel. 

i've been enjoying the transition to fall and wearing skirts or shorts with long sleeves and scarves. i don't have to fully commit to dressing to face the cold because the weather has been gorgeous, but i still like wearing fall pieces and colors. i am so not a jacket person and it's been nice not having to wear one. it's so hard to plan outfits around the one or two jackets in my wardrobe!! safe to say i'm typically cold a lot. lol.

you can hit up forever 21 to make a similar look. they had almost the exact shorts, and they even come with a black belt! how perfect. i'm totally crazy about those studded black sneakers too. remember the whole stud/shoe combo obsession thing i mentioned last week? still going strong. 

hope your week is off to a great start!


i haven't done a totally thrifted post in a while, so i think its about time to give out some lovely secondhand inspiration on this fine monday afternoon. a definite fall staple in my wardrobe is plaid. i love plaid! there's something about it to me that just screams autumn. i love layers and plaid shirts are perfect for tying around your waist or pairing over a dress or even wearing oversized with tights if you're feeling lazy.

i was perusing the racks at a thrift store a few weeks ago when this amazing denim jumper just popped out at me. i always take it as a sign from above when such a cool piece like this is in my size. while thrifting you don't have the ability to find a dress in a small, medium, and large-- you've just gotta take what you can get. this just happened to fit me like a glove and i was already getting out my $2 (!!!) as i tried it on because it was a basically a match made in heaven.

i was feeling suuuuper 90s in this outfit last week. i mean denim dress, plaid shirt around the waist, and converse. it's like i stepped right out of an episode of saved by the bell. i'm all about denim lately. whether it is shirts, jeans, dresses, vests, etc. the only trick is to not look like JT and britney circa 2001. so besides going full-out canadian tuxedo, denim is pretty versatile.

everyday i wake up and pray that converse will never go out of style. so far, so good because i just can't get enough of these bad boys. in any season, you will catch me wearing them. they are just so damn comfy. and this shirt is thrifted from the men's section (obvi) because, come on, guys' button down shirts are just better.

this dress was easy for end of summer weather, but i don't want to retire it just yet. i'm hoping i can layer it up and keep it around this fall/winter season. maybe with tights and a chunky sweater? i will have to do some brainstorming. any ideas/inspiration to help a girl out? i'd love to hear!

this look is pretty simple, and i found some really cool pieces online at target if you wanna check it out! target is the bomb dot com and they have the best deals. i mean this totally sweet acid wash dress is less than $20. target, you can do no wrong.

enjoy your monday!


our first week at the beach is officially over, but... we have another week left! yay! this place just keeps getting better and better. today was our last day at the brigadune, our cute little beach house on the sound (the side of the island that on the bay). when my mom and chuck were looking for rentals, they couldn't find one house that was available for 2 weeks in a row. so today we moved to another house! ha, it was kinda funny moving all our stuff a few miles down the road but i have no complaints when it comes to having more beach/family time this upcoming week.

our house had this gorgeous little pier that leads out to the bay. it was perfect for fishing, crabbing, and even kayaking! but we found out later it is not for swimming. we caught multiple baby sharks and sting rays! talk about scary! i like viewing scary ocean animals from a distance, not up close lol. but we had so much fun on this pier. i've never had so many crabs to eat in one week! crab is my all time favorite food.

the weather has continued to be spot on the entire trip. we've had little patches of rain here and there, but not enough to really keep up from doing fun stuff. which is good news for my tan! woot woot. i'm such a beach bum. plop me down with a book and a baseball cap and i am one happy gal. i swear i've been barefoot for the past 7 days so excuse the lack of shoes in my posts. but who needs shoes at the beach?! not meee.

i love this little green tank (from this post) so much. the perfect beach tank. i like that it's cropped and simple, but has a little bit of detail under the bust area. the blue on the top made me want to pair it with this awesome, lovely, pretty, etc. chambray skirt that i thrifted (yes, thrifted!!) a few weeks ago. it's so airy and light and the cute little buttons down the front are adorable.

this simple look could easily be recreated at one of my favorite places, old navy for only 30 bucks! totally reasonable. old navy has great prices and fun trends. i remember shopping there when i was younger, and then as i got to be a teen, i didn't like it all that much (not sure why). but now as an adult on a budget, i really find myself loving to shop there!

house for week #1 was awesome, but week #2 house has a pool and a hot tub (yipeeee) so i'm super excited.  i hope we are just as lucky with weather this week, too. i can't get enough sunshine this trip! this tan has to last me when i move back to pittsburgh in a couple weeks. and we all know that city has pretty much no sun. ha ha!

hope everyone had a great weekend! thanks for stopping by.


alright folks, it's finally time for another totally thrifted post! the weather has been so so so hot (i'm talking 99 degrees every day this week) and i don't have AC in my car and unless i'm driving to and from work, it's safe to say i am spending most of my time indoors. it tends to cool off a little teeny bit when the sun starts to set but not by much. anthony and i try to take a walk every day so we can have time to talk without being on our computers or watching tv or other tasks around the apartment. its important to talk about the little things that happen each day.

maxi skirts are such a great way to beat the summer heat. this one is light and flowy and keeps me cooler than any pair of shorts would. the beautiful pattern caught my eye on the racks while thrifting and i couldn't pass it up. plus, paired with this simple tank, i could easily beat the 90+ temps while on our evening stroll. and of course i couldn't resist my lovely, brown, strappy sandals. so comfy.

this week has been a great one and my weekend starts tomorrow so i am jumping for joy! we have so many exciting plans this weekend that include visiting a local sunflower field, seeing two concerts on saturday, and heading to the movies to see much ado about nothing. it's going to be extra relaxing not having to travel and to just hang out around baltimore. i love exploring this city.

did you miss the last totally thrifted post? i wore an extremely awesome daisy romper (if i do say so myself) and it was one of my fave looks to date. check it out here!

you can easily recreate this simple combo at macy's. you can't go wrong with a patterned skirt and a basic tank. and brown sandals are such a good investment because you can pair them with anything. i can't even count how many plain, basic tanks i have in my closet. they are a necessity in basically any color i can get my hands on. i love the loose fit of this brown one.

share your totally thrifted outfits in the comments below. thanks for stopping by!


i mentioned in a previous post that i'm going to start a weekly feature called totally thrifted.  this is where i will post my latest and greatest thrift stores finds. i will style an outfit completely and entirely with items i've managed to collect at thrift stores. i'm really excited for this series of posts because thrifting is such a huge passion of mine.  

my first outfit post in this series showcases this amazingggg daisy romper. i found it at ann's thrift shope, located just outside of ellwood city, pa (where anthony is from). lets just say it was love at first sight. daisy's are my favorite flower, plus it has turquoise?! i mean come on, what more could a girl want. 


i wore it out to brunch this weekend. me and anthony were feeling lazy so we woke up super late and headed right out the door to grab some food. we live in a little studio apartment right outside the cutest little town, arbutus (yes, weird name). paul's diner was where we started off our morning.. er.. afternoon. the coffee was like omg amazing and we each had an omelet and some toast. yum.

the sun was shining and i was wearing super white keds and the world was beautiful. rompers are one of the best inventions of all time. you feel pretty like your wearing a dress, but psyche it's shorts. BAM. what a great a feeling. and this purse (that i got for $4) is super cute and pretty much matches everything. it's been attached to my hip (literally) since i found it at our local thrift store a couple weeks ago.


i want to show first hand that amazing outfits can be created using secondhand goods. and just in case you like the outfit SO MUCH OMG i'm also going to feature a style board that showcases how a similar outfit can be made at a retail store (still for a decent price). this week's look can easily be recreated at target. 


i would love to hear about your favorite outfits that are totally thrifted. comment below and share! 

thanks for reading.