hi, my name is nikki.  i’m a 22 year old gal from maryland, living and working in washington, dc. i have a passion for graphic design, writing, marketing, and social media, and graduated college with a degree in multimedia communications. i’m lucky to have found a field that i know i can work in for my entire life and be content. i starting this blog because it allowed me to incorporate all of the stuff i went to school for-- plus my very excessive collection of clothes.

now, on to the fun stuff.  some might say that i’m a shopoholic.  and by some, i mean everyone that i’ve ever known in my entire life.  for as long as i can remember i’ve had a love for piecing together outfits and creating my own unique personal style.  ever since i started reading selective potential, color me nana, kendi everyday, flashes of stylebleubird vintage, love taza, etc. (i’m gonna stop there because i could go on for a while) i have been inspired to document and record my adventures and what i'm wearing during said adventures.

some of my favorite places to shop are forever 21, h&m, tj maxx, urban outfitters, target, etc. but lets face it, i’m a 21 year old girl on budget.  one of my favorite aspects of fashion is creativiity and individuality and these two things can be hard to find in big department stores. i don’t want to go to out to brunch one day and see someone else wearing my exact outfit.  when i was in high school, i discovered the beauty of thrifting and fell in love. so currently, 80% of my closet has most likely been discovered at a good will or local thrift stores.

i look like at it like a treasure hunt. you never know what you’re going to find. whether it’s a vintage romper, a cute sundress, or a pretty tank. i have found so many great pieces for great prices and have never felt like i am lacking in the style department. i save money and have fun, all while finding amazing pieces that are seemingly one of kind. my thrift store finds play a huge part in my blog. i love to show people the beauty of stepping outside the mall and focusing on dressing how you want dress, not just stealing an outfit off a mannequin.

besides thrifting, i also enjoy activities such as:
•  drinking iced tea
•  doing workout videos on youtube
•  watching entire seasons of tv shows on netflix
•  finding recipes online and attempting to cook them
•  taking instagram photos of said cooked items
•  playing monopoly with my boyfriend (and always winning)
•  being an obsesive compulsive and self proclaimed neat freak
•  attempting to not eat 3 bags of gummy bears on any given day

so those are obviously some very important facts about myself. i hope you find this about me interesting enough to potentially come back and check out my blog again. it’s going to take some practice, but i promise that i am going to do my best to inspire you to express yourself and be creative when it comes to what you pull out of your closet each morning.