walking on sunshine

this weekend was positively perfect. the weather was in the 70s everyday which automatically makes me a happy camper. plus, anthony couldn't have made my birthday any more special if he tried. when i walked into our apartment friday after work, he had all my favorite things sitting out on the table. i'm talking mint chocolate chip ice cream, a bottle of merlot, some gorgeous flowers, AND he vacuumed the apartment. i think i just about died and went to heaven. he is the best. we spent the rest of the night eating some delicious seafood in downtown baltimore and coming back and popping some champagne! ha. there's never a celebration too small for champagne ;)
saturday morning i met up with my lovely friend katie for brunch in dc. i wanted to check out an apartment complex in the area, and it was a good excuse to eat waffles and catch up. it was the cutest little neighborhood right downtown and i fell in love. the apartment was great and we're all crossing our fingers over here everything falls into place. living in the heart of dc would be amazing! a summer in the city sounds like just what i need. being in the middle of downtown pittsburgh for four years in college were some of the best times in my life. nothing beats walking to your favorite restaurants and bars, being close to work, and having easy access to fun things to do all the time.
i couldn't help but bust out my new favorite shoes for some brunching. i got this sandals at buffalo exchange in georgetown last weekend and i think i'm in love. i would first like to point out the fact that they were only $24 (!!!) because OMG what an amazing deal. i'm also wondering who in their right mind would ever give these shoes away. i'm trying not to dwell on that too much because i don't like the thought of wearing the shoes of a crazy person, but that's the point of thrifting. someone's trash is someone else's treasure. ps. just look at them again because they're so pretty.

well now the weekend's gone, but thankfully the sunshine is still here. wishing you all a happy monday!


outfit details
tee: target
scarf + shoes: buffalo exchange
purse: studio c


birthday wishlist

it's my birthday! i'm 22 today and am celebrating by spending my day at the office, as usual! ha. my coworkers left me some cute little signs on my desk and i've been getting sweet messages from friends and family all morning. i feel loved :) anthony is taking me out to dinner tonight for some seafood (my fave) and i can't wait to get all dressed up! i put together a little wishlist featuring some items that are on my to-buy list this spring. my birthday always rolls around at the perfect time to do a little bit of a closet revamp for the new season and i couldn't be more ready to incorporate some more florals and pastels into my wardrobe. check  it out!

birthdays are a perfect time to treat yourself, and that's just what i plan on doing. happy birthday to me!



cherry blossoms

this past weekend was one of the best weekends i've had in a while! we had some friends in town and on sunday we hit up the cherry blossom festival in DC. this is usually the peak time of the season, but (i'm assuming) since it's been such a cold winter, the blossoms are a bit behind schedule this year. you could tell they were thisclose to looking their best. but oh well, we still had so much fun walking around the tidal basin, snapping some pics, and enjoying the sunshine. 

we had the most picturesque day in the city. the blue sky set the perfect backdrop for the beautiful monuments and it was a great day for lots of walking around. all you needed was a light jacket and you were good to go. i can already tell that them denim number is going to be a closet staple this spring. i got it for steal from avalon exchange in pittsburgh last fall. i'm so glad i was thinking ahead!

besides visiting some big monuments, we also went to the botanical gardens. i don't know if i'm a huge nerd or what, but i love that place. a huge greenhouse full of every kind of plant you could imagine. the theme this month is orchids, so they had what seemed like hundreds different variations of orchids all more beautiful than the next. but the cacti were still my faves. i wanted to steal one of these little guys for my apartment!!

visiting the botanical gardens and seeing the cherry blossoms seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear one of my favorite floral dresses. i got this one from h&m a while ago and it's just so pretty. i swear, i could live in floral dresses alone. they're so feminine, yet can be dressed super casual as well. as spring continues to slowly enter the picture, i see many more floral dresses in my future. and moccasins. lots and lots of moccasins.

thanks for stopping by, y'all! i'll be back later in the week with a fun birthday wishlist. i turn 22 on friday! woot woot.


outfit details
dress: h&m
purse + shoes + tights: target


open spaces

it's friday and it's spring and life doesn't get much better than that! this month is off to a good start. i'm trying to stay motivated with my healthy eating and exercising. it's been a few months and this is usually when i start to fall off the wagon and slip into my bad habits. but i'm starting to think this is the most important time to stick with it. i've always been one that's constantly trying to lose weight, but i'm working on changing my perspective from being on a diet to living a healthy lifestyle. it's much more important to focus on what you're eating than how much. 

this month, my best friend brittany and i decided to challenge ourselves to give something up for the month. she came up with the idea of tweaking something about our daily lives that puts us in a more healthy mindset. i, obviously, decided to do without candy for this month. and considering april includes easter and my birthday, it's going to be even more difficult than usual (but also more necessary!). i have no idea why i was cursed with the sweet tooth of a 6-year-old, but i just can't resist a handful (or whole bag) of sour patch kids. so wish me luck with this challenge!! and feel free to join in if you're thinking about getting healthy! comment below with what you plan to give up :)

so, back to the clothes. mixing prints is where it's at everybody! when i miraculously saw this dress hanging next to this shirt in my closet it was like i had an epiphany. i put them on immediately. they're complementary without being too similar-- which i believe is the key to mixing and matching two different patterns. plus, the weather here isn't quite ready for short sleeves (not by a long shot) so throwing a long sleeve tee under a dress is the perfect layering technique for spring!

this weekend we have some of our favorite friends coming to town! i love having people come and stay with us (if you haven't noticed) so i can't wait for them to get here tomorrow afternoon. we have a fun night out in baltimore planned for saturday and a day of sight seeing in DC on sunday! i'm looking forward to warm weather, good food, and great conversation. oh, and maybe some shopping too ;)

happy weekend, y'all! get outside and soak up some sun.


outfit details
dress: urban outfitters
shirt: thrifted
necklace: thrifted
tights: target
boots: groupon


march in instagram

april is here! i love april for many reasons. one, it's my birthday! yay! two, it finally starts to actually feel like spring. in march, there are no guarantees that winter is over for good (it snowed here on sunday!!) and three, spring cleaning! april is a great time to get organized. i plan on going through my closet and making a huge purge this month. i have a lot of clothes that need to be sorted through and either sold or donated. i'm a little scared because i'm a total hoarder when it comes to clothes. i recently graduated college and still have some clothes from high school. something tells me this might be a problem. what are some tips you have for cleaning out your closet? i think i might need some help! below you can check out some of my favorite snapshots from march. this month flew by and was full of yummy food. oops! :)

1. i love me a good PBR on a friday night. yes i know, i'm almost too classy for words.
2. quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes. omg. healthy and delicious at the same time. can't beat it.
3. three thrifted dresses that i am more than excited to style when the weather gets warmer.
4. adore me has the prettiest spring collection in all the land. so lucky to have been gifted this set!
5. we had some friends over and i whipped up a healthy alternative to my fave dessert-- cheesecake stuffed strawberries (only 60 calories each!)
6. met up with my mom and stepdad for korean bbq after a day of (successful) apartment hunting
7. sometimes when i'm home alone i make red velvet cookie sandwiches. #bakingaddict
8. probably one of my favorite drinks ever. a bloody mary. extra spicy :)
9. my newest endeavor-- sewing! i learned how to thread my machine and it only took my two hours. yay. (insert sarcasm here)

you can follow me on instagram at nikkiwilliams11 <3



celebrate spring with adore me

so in case you've missed it, adore me has released an amazing spring collection. it's inspired by beautiful bright colors and fantastic floral patterns. i absolutely love working with this brand and every time i see a package from them in my mailbox i get excited. there's just something about pretty and feminine lingerie that makes a girl feel good about herself. 

i ordered the jolee push-up because hello it's turquoise. if you know me at all by now, you know that this color is number one in my book. i couldn't help but start thinking of some fun color combinations for the upcoming spring season, and i've officially decided that turquoise and orange is it. and since i know the entire world is hinging on my color and fashion decisions, you're welcome, everyone. 

if you're new to adore me, be sure to take their style profile quiz to help figure out which set is the best for you and your body type. and don't forget, they do free shipping (!!!) and exchanges if you need to swap out your set for a new size.

i'd love to hear what sets you all like best. let me know which are your faves!



denim diaries

over the weekend, anthony and i had our little sisters in town. and by "little" i mean 15 years old and (maybe) taller than me. both of them are awesome and hilarious and it was great hosting them in baltimore for a few days. we tried to jam pack as many fun things as possible in their less than 48 hour trip and i'm pretty sure that we succeeded. i've found that when having people visit for the weekend, equal parts rest and adventure is key. because as much as everyone loves a good brunch, sometimes you just need an extra hour or two of sleep on a saturday morning!

they both got here friday night, and we started off by ordering indian food and watching a movie. neither of them had ever tried indian food before (!!!!!) and there was no way we were letting that nonsense go on for another minute. indian is honestly probably my favorite kind of food ever. so we ordered a lotttt. ya know. for the sake of them trying as much as possible. not so i could eat more than half my weight in naan and curry.

saturday we woke up late and headed out to hampden-- an adorable neighborhood outside of baltimore. we browsed some antique stores, did some shopping, and ate at cafe hon for lunch. this little town is so cute and colorful i almost couldn't take it. i mean there were pastel houses on every corner; it doesn't get much better than that. it was the perfect scenery for a gorgeous spring day.

it was by pure coincidence that we all got dressed in varying forms of denim on saturday morning. whether it's chambry, skinny jeans, or a jacket-- we basically have all your denim bases covered here. and when we walked by this purple wall, i decided that it would pretty much be a sin if we didn't stop and take some outfit photos here. the blogger in me just couldn't resist this colorful backdrop and our coordinating looks. :)

the rest of the weekend was filled with duck pin bowling, yummy mexican food, and, of course, more shopping. i'm finding when it comes to hosting friends in town, its extremely difficult to find plans that don't include going to my favorite restaurants and clothing stores. i definitely need to be better about brainstorming things to do that are more creative (and better for the ol wallet). what's your favorite thing to do when a friend comes to town? i need some ideas!

i hope everyone had a great weekend. enjoy the rest of your monday!


outfit details
shirt: tj maxx
pants: buffalo exchange
jacket: avalon exchange
loafers: c/o duo
purse: h&m
jewelry: forever 21