flower child

i don't know about you but i have this inner hippie side of me that i have to try to keep tame most of the time. but every once in a while i give up and just embrace it. and this time, by embracing it mean throwing on some lace and fringe and frolicking through a field of flowers. oh, how i wish i could time travel back to the 70s, just to experience the fashion. its definitely the decade that inspires me the most.

last weekend, anthony and i set out on an adventure to find a sunflower field. i had read an article online that there was a huge, beautiful field pretty close to our apartment and the photos looked absolutely perfect. i was so excited to see it in person and take some cool shots. sunflowers are my second favorite flower (daisies are number one) and a whole field of them sounds pretty magical to me.

we get in the car and start driving, and eventually we got to where the fields should be. and as you can see, the photos in this post are most definitely not sunflowers. we stopped and asked someone what happened and they said they didn't plant them this year! say whaaat?! there was only fields and fields of corn. ha! oh well, what can ya do? we tried not to let it ruin and day and we just decided to do some more exploring. we ended up finding these pretty white cotton ball looking flowers and i think they look so cool with my dress.

this lace dress is one of my favorites. i found it on the clearance rack at tj maxx a while back when i was shopping for work clothes. it's just so pretty. lace is one of my favorite things ever and i can pair this dress with so many things since it's off white.

and this fringe vest, i love love love it. it's so fun and makes me feel like i should be at woodstock or something. the color is awesome and can we just talk about the fact that i got it at walmart for like 10 bucks or something? keep your eyes open for good deals everywhere people! you never know what you will find.

what decade inspires your style the most? i'd love to hear.

thanks for stopping by!


outfit details
dress: tj maxx
vest: walmart
sandals: thrifted
jewlery: forever 21


  1. Amazing pics! So pretty:)


  2. The pictures turned out awesome even without sunflowers!:)

    And yes, even Walmart can have cool stuff every now and then. I always check it out for some hidden gems.


    Ana Paula

  3. your photos are gorgeous- love that fringe vest!!!

  4. what a fun summer ensemble! the fringe is so cute!

    The Style Scribe

  5. Great photos love the photography in your blog.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

  6. That field is so pretty & I really love the lacy dress! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah


  7. Beautiful pictures of you.

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. So beautiful! I definitely have the inner hippy going on as well. Great post!


  9. cute look...loving the vest.. cant believe it's from walmart.. I didnt even know they had clothing there except for pajamas and sports wear.. I usually go directly to the dvds then stationary then cosmetics and that's it haha