sister, sister (sister)

well our week is coming to a close and i'm heading back to the real world today. it's been such an amazing trip and i'm so thankful for my family and for this time with them. next week is my last week in maryland, and then i head back to pittsburgh for my last semester of college. it's insane how fast this summer has gone by. but this trip has been the perfect close to the best summer of my life so far.

i have two gorgeous, stylish sisters and hanging out with them this vacation has been such a treat. samantha is 15 (a sophomore in high school) and jessica is 19 (a sophomore in college). we used to fight a lot when we were younger, but now that we are older we appreciate how fun it is being 3 sisters so close in age. we have things in common, but for the most part we are all very different and each have our own individual style.

jessica's style can most definitely be described as classic. most  of the items in her closet have a more dressy feel. her favorite place to shop is forever 21. she wears a lot of blouses and statement necklaces. her fun dress (that came with the adorable belt) is from target. one of her many talents is she's so good at crafting and DIY. her room is decorated gorgeously and has so many handmade touches. you can follow her on pinterest here and get some fun inspiration. 

samantha's style is more similar to mine. she has a more funky feel and loves muscle tees and colorful shorts. my proudest moment was when samantha asked me one day to take her thrifting!! i was so happy she was interested in shopping at thrift stores and has really surprised me from time to time when she picks out something awesome and puts her own unique twist on it. in this outfit, her shirt is from hollister and her skirt is from target.

although our styles can be different, we all have no problem sharing clothes. i'll come home from school to visit and see samantha in one of my shirts or jessica wearing an old sweater of mine and it makes me laugh. growing up me and jessica could always share, but samantha was a bit younger so she couldn't get in on the closet swapping action. now were all virtually the same size so we can share pretty much anything.

my outfit kinda combines all of us. i'm wearing samantha's shorts and jessica's tank/necklace. i'm crazy about these mint shorts, and it doesn't hurt that the white tank shows off my newly formed tan ;) sisters are such a great form of fashion inspiration and i love that both of mine have seriously enviable closets. we should organize a clothing swap when were older so we can rotate our wardrobes even when we all live in different places, ha!

since my sisters were there, i couldn't resist having a mini photoshoot with anthony. he usually has to be behind the camera, and it was nice to take photos of the two of us for once! what a cutie he is :)

i'm so lucky that i can count both of my sisters as great friends, and we had a great week hanging out and being silly together. do you have stylish siblings? i'd love to hear!


outfit details
shorts/watch: target
tank/necklace: forever 21


  1. This was an adorable post! You and your sisters are really cute. I have two older brothers and growing up we used to fight a lot but now they are my best friends. Not like "we tell each other all our secrets" but like "I know they have my back." It's awesome to have that awesome relationship with your siblings! :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  2. Aw, what gorgeous ladies! Looks like so much fun!

  3. Aww beach photos are the best! You are all so so cute!

    Xo, Hannah


  4. so nice!


  5. This was such a cute post! Your sisters are indeed stylish! I too have 2 sisters that are stylish too!

    Xoxo Akinyi