alley cat

i am currently writing this post from seattle, washington! i'm on a little vacation visiting my best best best best friend brittany for her 22nd birthday/halloween. we have so many fun plans for the weekend and i'm so happy to be spending time with one of my favorite people in the whole world. this morning, were drinking coffee and eating birthday pancakes and listening to taylor swift's "22" on repeat lol. i'm one happy camper.

i've never been to the west coast before so i was super excited to make this trip. brittany just moved here from nebraska (i've visited here there a few times before) a couple months ago. i was excited to leave pittsburgh for a bit and experience a new city. make sure you are following me on instagram to keep up with my seattle adventures!

so i probably have about a million chunky sweaters because why wouldn't i have a million chunky sweaters? most are thrifted, but this one happens to be from forever 21! i love that it's just plain white because it can dress it up or down, pair it with any color pants or skirt, plus it's just simple and pretty. whether its a cardigan or a pull over sweater, oversized knits are the perfect fall wardrobe essential.

black and white with a pop of red is a classic color combo, so i couldn't help but pull out my 90s chick roots and tie this plaid top around my waist. i feel kinda weird for being so obsessed with tying shirts/sweaters around my waist lately but it's just such a cool trend! it's an accessory, like a cool necklace or a colorful bag, and i'm a fan.

i will be back soon with some photos from my trip. brittany is the queen at planning fun outings and finding awesome things to do-- so i'm sure i will only have awesome things to report. we have been best friends since high school and only get to see each other once or twice a year, so each trip is really special. does anyone else have a long-distance friendship with a best friend? they're tough sometimes, but it's always worth it.

hope you guys have a happy halloween! me and brittany will be dressing up and heading out on the town tonight. have fun and be safe, everyone! 


outfit details
sweater/necklace: forever 21
plaid shirt: thrifted
pants: tj maxx
boots: payless


  1. I love your hair color! and your sweater is very cute also!

  2. Your hair is AWESOME. Love it. So pretty :)

  3. Nice photographs.


  4. Love the ombre hair!! and your outfit looks ridiculously comfortable :)

    Blush Bazaar

  5. nice pics, pretty :)


  6. Great look!

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    Hope to see you soon on our blog!

    Have a lovely day ,

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  7. I love this, you look so cute and your hair is amazing!

  8. the latest TARTAN trend , u have it !!

  9. Love your seattle style! You should share it on 1stclassfashion.com

  10. We're loving the flannel with this look!

    davie and erica

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  11. Yeah Seattle is pretty fun. I lived there for about a decade but moved back to NY a few years ago. My friend Lisa who also moved there from NY still lives there with her husband who is from Nebraska he use to be in the band Juno.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  12. So street style, I like the vibe from the pics.


  13. I love the grunge yet preppy style of this outfit!


  14. cute look! really like the thrfited plaid!

  15. adore your pictures


  16. just up the street from me ;). love your images of fall and the holidays.

  17. You are so cute *-*
    love the colours and stuff on your blog!!!