indian summer

last week i had the awesome opportunity to team up with my amazing friend and photographer katya for a fun little photoshoot. we met up and hopped on the bus to lawrenceville, one of the coolest little neighborhoods outside of downtown pittsburgh. kat had a great location in mind and we were off to start our adventure! our first priority was a cool drink so we went to this awesome little place called 720. i'm not kidding when i say that they sell records, clothing, and coffee in this one little shop! i browsed around and drank my iced chai while kat set up her equipment. it was my first time there and definitely won't be my last!

then it was photo time! we stopped by some cool railroad tracks to snap some pics on the way to this super amazing beautiful incredible colorful mural. it's painted under an overpass and it is just so stunning. in it's entirety it depicts lawrenceville and it's just so damn cute. i think i've mentioned it before but i love street art! and this is one of the coolest pieces i've ever seen.

pittsburgh is experiencing a full-blown indian summer right now! last week/weekend, the temperature stayed in the 80s every. single. day. i've already said my goodbyes to summer and was getting in the fall spirit, so this weather was a little unexpected. i'm hoping fall will be in full swing this week. my weather app says 60s and sunny, so lets see if they got it right!

i looove me some layers and this combo was so fun. i got this blouse from forever 21 last year and it's just the perfect neutral staple in my wardrobe. you can't go wrong with simple and solid black. but there are these cute little sequins on the collar to spice it up a bit! for some reason, fall encourages me to style more mens-wear inspired pieces. i love buttoning my shirt all the way up and pairing it with cardigans or sweaters. a great pair of denim shorts are also essential for autumn. this high-waisted pair will stay front and center in my closet all season. pairing them with tights helps you beat the chilly weather and gives you a break from wearing pants everyday! i'm so excited for fall fashion and all of the fun outfits that are in store.

another staple that comes with mens-wear inspired looks is loafers. i'm so thankful for the person who decided loafers were not just for guys in suits! they are so fun and classy. these beauties were sent to me by duo.  they are a company based in the uk, but recently launched their website in the us. they have amazing boots, flats, heels, and even handbags. the pieces are incredible! i'm wearing the jagger loafers in black (with studs of course!) they are comfy and cute, and easy to dress up or down. be sure to check out their site!

i had so much fun working with kat and am so happy with how this photos turned out. girl's got skills! you can check out her kick ass website here. collaborating and supporting local artists is so much fun. it also didn't hurt that when we were done shooting, we headed over to happy hour at round corner cantina for yummy drinks and chips + salsa! what a great way to end a hard days work. ;)

thank you to everyone for reading and supporting this little blog of mine. i couldn't ask for anything more. <3


outfit details
shorts: thrifted
shirt: forever 21
cardigan: forever 21
necklace: forever 21
loafers: c/o duo boots


  1. i love your location photography! wish i had the opportunity to do this! x


  2. love the outfit! want to follow each other? xo


  3. That wall is amazing, I am in love! Cute outfit too, all of my high wasted shorts are thrifted too haha there is nothing like finding a good find for cheap~


  4. Cute shirt! I love your necklace too x


  5. love your shoes!


  6. What a lovely look!! Great style :)
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  7. A very a darling outfit. Lucky you for still having such blissful weather! Fall has landed here and it's cooling down fast. I've been wearing boots, tights and scarves for the past two weeks! xo

  8. loafers are pretty awesome, i'm glad they're not just for men too! yours are great :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  9. I love your look, love the photos and so neat to get a glimpse into this town!

  10. What a perfect backdrop for your outfit post! I would have been bad and keep going back to it, looks like there is so much that would be great to photograph!

    Your thrifted shorts are also kinda perfect. They sort of look like those crazy expensive ones from AA that everyone has at the moment (yours are cuter!) And your last picture is lovely, cute giggly face.

    Emma x

  11. Aww such beautiful pictures! We have Indian Summer right now in Berlin. :)


  12. You are so cute! This looks really fun!


  13. love the outfit! gorgeous



  14. You look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit.
    Love your chic shoes and cute necklace.

  15. Great casual look! Shoes are amazing!


  16. Lovely post !

    Have a nice day xx


  17. very nice outfit dear lovely photos too =) say would you like to follow each other? =) http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com/

  18. Such a cute look! Love that F21 top <3

    ox from NYC!


  19. always love how shorts look with a long sleeve something! great colors together!

    Rock and bows

  20. Super lovely blog!


    1. thanks, lady! your blog is one of my faves, so your comment means a lot! xxoo