nine to five

another week of this glorious summer is over, and this time, i'm a little sad. i've been at my internship with givecorps for the past 8 weeks and it has been an amazing experience. it's such a fun company and a great work atmosphere. my coworkers and awesome and the other interns were so cool! i truly feel lucky to have met such nice people and to have gotten the chance to grow as a graphic designer.

internships are tricky because by the time you get comfortable with the people and the company, they're over! it really sucks because it can be hard to get into the groove and make friends. since this internship was over the summer (and not during the school year) i felt like i got to spend more time in the office and can honestly say i felt as though i made friends and got to learn more than i ever could have expected. and the great news is, they hired me part time for the fall semester (when i'm back at school in pittsburgh) and i couldn't be more thrilled! *insert one million smiley faces here*

you can never go wrong wearing a pencil skirt and a blouse to work. in the summer it was my go-to outfit of choice. it's simple and professional, and easy to add pizazz with a statement necklace. this color combination is my favorite. salmon is the perfect color, i swear. 

anthony and i celebrated last night by picking up some crabs and shrimp from the grocery store and having a delicious seafood feast. he sure knows how to make a girl happy. (well me at least; i loooooove food lol) it was great! life is so good right now i have absolutely no complaints.

since it was my last week at givecorps, my wonderful coworkers planned a drinks/appetizers outing to this amazing restaurant in hampden called the food market. i got a delicious girly cocktail and we tried pretty much all of the appetizers on the menu. i was so glad everyone took the time to go and hang out outside of the office before i left! it was so great getting to know everyone and i am excited to continue working with them in the fall.

now that i'm done working for the summer, and i have a few weeks before i go back to school, i am so so so excited to be going on vacation with my family to emerald isle, nc!!! two weeks on the beach with my mom and stepdad, all of my siblings, and my newest little niece. i truly couldn't be more excited! we leave on sunday and i'm already all packed for probably the best vacay of all time.

does anyone else have any fun vacation plans this summer? i'd love to hear! and stay tuned for more posts coming up while i'm at the beach. thanks for stopping by.


outfit details
blouse: thrifted
sandals: old navy
necklace: forever 21


  1. Hey, another Niki (well, Nikki) graphic designer! Yay :)
    Cute outfit, I love that colour! Congrats on getting the job :)


  2. Nice outfit and your internship sounds so cool :)


  3. This outfit is so cute! That necklace is amazing. Love it!


  4. Lovely outfit, I do love salmon pink :)! And congrats on being hired from your internship :D!

  5. You look super cute! So sad that your leaving your internship, I know you gain much experience!

    Xoxo Akinyi

  6. Cute outfit! Sounds like it was an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  7. You are so sweet! Beautiful post! :-))))

  8. great combo! you look lovely:)


  9. Congratulations on the job! I can imagine why you were so excited when you heard the news ;) Nice outfit as well.


  10. Effortless and pretty!! you definetely can't go wron wearing that!

    come visit!


  11. Such a cute outfit :) So effortless. You're so pretty too :)

    Ruth x

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